HIGHLIGHTS 3-21-2017

1. Standing in the Gap recently hosted a Mario Party Game Night at the Ferris State University Center.  A small group of young adults gathered for a fun night of games and fellowship.  These types of weekend events are intended to help build stronger relationships and to provide opportunities to invite friends into a Christian community.

2.  The Lost and Found Church is in the process of finding a new meeting location for Sunday morning gatherings.  The church community, at this time, plans to not renew the lease on the current meeting space in downtown Big Rapids at the end of July 2017.  On Sunday, March 12th, the Lost and Found Church community tried using the Big Rapids Library as a meeting space.  We will be trying a couple other locations in the coming months.  Please pray for the church community as well continue to look for the best location.
3.  DON’T FORGET: You can join the Lost and Found Church community for Sunday morning gatherings ONLINE!  You can join in live, on Sundays starting around 10:45am via Facebook Live, by going to our FB Page: www.facebook.com/thelostandfoundbr.  You can also watch/re-watch videos of past gatherings on the FB Page or on our website, at www.thelostandfoundbr.org/messages.

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