Lost and Found HIGHLIGHTS 1-24-2017

1.  The Lost and Found Church held a monthly planning meeting this past Sunday, which marks the beginning of regularly-held meetings to pray, discuss, and plan as a community for the future.  Other than our annual business meetings and a few other sporadic meetings for pressing matters, the Lost and Found Church has not had regularly-planned meetings for the sake of discussion, planning, and preparing.  This monthly meeting is the precursor to a monthly church Leadership Team meeting. Highlights from these meetings will be shared in future PRAY! e-mails.

2.  The Lost and Found Church will be starting a message series at the end of January, entitled “Building the Foundation.”  You can find more information at www.thelostandfoundbr.org/news.

3. Did you know….you can watch Lost and Found Church Sunday morning gatherings online?  Simply go to https://thelostandfoundbr.org/messages/ to check out the most-recent video.  You can also join in LIVE on Sunday mornings, on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/thelostandfoundbr.

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