“Building the Foundation” series


The Lost and Found Church community will be going through a message series over a number of weeks in January and February 2017 based on the theme, “Building the Foundation.”

Here is a look at what will be covered in this series:

1. “Making a Stronger Church Family” (Sunday, January 29th): This week we will focus on the importance of sharing our lives with each other, listening to one another, getting to know each other better, and praying for one another.

2.  “Serving Each Other” (Sunday, February 5th): On this Sunday we will find ways we can be of service to one another.  We will find simple ways to help one another including things we can do throughout the upcoming weeks.

3.  “Making Others Feel Welcome” (Sunday, February 12th): How can we be a more-welcoming church family, especially to those who are seeking a new church home or are trying to figure out where they belong in life in general?  It can be hard to reach out to someone new.  This week we’ll learn ways we can proactively make others know they are welcome and valued.

4. “Sharing the Gospel 101” (Sunday, February 19th): What is the Gospel?  It means “good news” but how do you share that “good news” with others? This Sunday we will talk about our own stories of hearing and accepting the good news of Jesus Christ in our own lives and then how we can share it simply in our day-to-day living.

5. “The Brethren Way” (Sunday, February 26th): Continuing the Work of Jesus: Simply, Peacefully, Together.  These are the values of the Church of the Brethren, our larger church family.  We will discuss and consider how we put these values into practice in our daily lives, giving practical examples.

Please consider joining the Lost and Found Church community for these weeks of Bible study, discussion, learning, and community building.

Sundays – 10:30am – 110 N. Michigan Ave. (downtown Big Rapids)

You can also join via Facebook Live by going to www.facebook.com/thelostandfoundbr on Sundays at around 10:40am.  Videos of past gatherings are posted at www.thelostandfoundbr.org/messages.

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