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The Lost and Found Church was recently featured in the Religion section of the Pioneer, the local newspaper for Big Rapids.  The article was published on Saturday, March 7th.

Jake Davis, the church planter and pastor for the L+F Church, was interviewed by the Pioneer Tuesday, March 3rd, and asked about the reason for planting a new church in Big Rapids, what the church community wants people to know about the church, and where the church wants to be in the future.  It is the hope of the Lost and Found Church community to be a noticeable blessing in Big Rapids, MI.  All are invited to check out this new church in the area, and to get involved.  Whether you have been away from church for years, have never went to a church before, or are new to the area and looking for a church to join…the Lost and Found Church is a place for you!

You can read the entire article online by signing up for a 1-month free subscription to the Pioneer.

We are thankful to the Pioneer for featuring this new church community.

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